Wheel Woolies Foam Pad Cleaning Brush

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Wheel Woolies Foam Pad Cleaning Brush

Coming back soon
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Use this nylon brush to clean your pads, so as to keep the pores of your polishing pad open and keep a good cutting power, section after section. Removing excess polishing product and paint residue that attaches to the pad eliminates the possibility of inducing defects such as "marring" on painted surfaces and reduces the quality of finish.


  • Rigid red or black nylon hairs.
  • Ergonomic grip.
  • Perfect for removing polishing residue between panels or removing dirt from cracks.
  • Allows you to get consistent results because of the good maintenance of your pads.
  • Best gloss and final product.
  • Avoids the pad getting stuffed, allows a prolonged cutting power.


  • Total length: 6"
  • Brush length: 2"
  • Length of nylon hair: 1/2"
  • Red or Black hairs


After each section, rotate the pad on the brush at low speed.

Brush the pad by hand with the brush by moving from the center to the ends.