Rupes Mark III LHR 21 (Special order)

Rupes Mark III LHR 21 (Special order)

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**special order only**

Rupes Bigfoot LHR21 Mark III is extremely easy to use, and requires only a few knowledge for a professional result. The 21mm orbit gives an excellent gloss, without holograms, and a great saving of your time.

Compared to the Mark II, the Rupes LHR 21 Mark III has many advantages. The grip of the polisher's head has been improved, to provide much better user comfort. The grips at the back of the polisher will also allow it to easily hold in balance.

The rotational speed of the Rupes Bigfoot LHR 21 Mark III can be managed with a trigger, allowing a gradual start, and subtly adjust the speed. The speed modulator is easily accessible with the thumb.

Why choose a Rupes LHR 21 BigFoot Polisher Mark III? Given its 21mm orbit and 150mm fixed tray, this machine only accepts Rupes pads in 150-180mm. It is therefore made for those who wish to polish large areas in as little time as possible and with the best result. This is the ideal machine for sedans or other 4x4s.


Power: 500w

Speed: 2500 to 4700 laps per minute (speed 1 to 6)

Weight: 2.3kg

Orbit value: 21mm

Machine length: 35cm

Comes with a 6-inch (150mm) tray.

Machine Guarantee 1 year.

- Special order: It will be sent to you as soon as it is available