Rupes Lhr75e Mini (Special Order)

Rupes Lhr75e Mini (Special Order)

Product not available for online purchase

**Special Order Only**

The Rupes Mini LHR 75E corrects defects as a rotary, but with all the security of an orbital.

It has been built for professionals and lovers of Detailing. 75 mm (3-") tray for small hard-to-reach areas. In addition, the Rupes Mini is very efficient and greatly reduces polishing time.

Equipped with "Speed Control" technology, the Rupes Mini never loses power. Indeed, speed never loses power.

Perfect ergonomics


With its non-slip rubber inserts on the handle, the mini LHR 75E is perfect for all polishing operations in hard-to-reach areas. The Detailer can work in perfect comfort to produce the best possible results.

On-Off - Locking the Switch

The BigFoot polisher's non-slip rubber lining ensures a smooth controlled start, giving the Detailer total control over the tool.

Electronic speed control module

Cruise control is both convenient and easy to use. The polishing speed can also be easily adjusted without interrupting work.