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Koch-Chemie Finish Spray exterior (Fse) 1L

In stock

Koch-Chemie Finish Spray exterior (Fse) 1L

In stock
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Rapid shine with limestone removal

The multitalent for the rapid maintenance of all exterior surfaces of vehicles such as lacque, glass and plastics. Thanks to its special composition, even stubborn limestone spots are removed quickly and without residues. Cleans, maintains and preserves in a single step. The treated surfaces regain their intensive color, their shiny shine without streaks and their initial straightening. Finish Spray exterior disperses quickly, it is easy to treat and it protects surfaces from new soiling in the short term.

Its subtle smell of sweet peaches will charm you!

Recommendations for use

Distribute regularly using the spray bottle on the surfaces to be treated and polished with a microfiber cloth. Application to the exterior surfaces of vehicles (lac laccal, glass, plastic)

**We recommend purchasing the Koch-Chemie Star sprayer head**