Kamikaze Waterspot Remover 300ml

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Kamikaze Waterspot Remover 300ml

In stock
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Kamikaze Collection Water Spot Remover is a product that easily removes traces of water and limestone on ceramic treatments.

White water stains are particularly unsightly on a maintained vehicle. Most of the time caused by minerals including limestone in running water (tap water), these chalky residues can be difficult to remove without creating defects on paint or varnish.

If you leave these water stains or traces of limestone, they can soak in the varnish and mark it severely, which will require the use of a polisher to make them disappear.

The solution is to remove these deposits using a process that will not alter the varnish or ceramic protection.

To solve this puzzle, Kamikaze Collection developed the Water Spot Remover. It was formulated without surface agents and powerful cleaners. It can therefore be used safely on all types of varnish and on a ceramic treatment.

Features and benefits:

  • Eliminates traces of water and limestone without damaging ceramic treatments
  • Does not contain powerful surface agents and cleaners
  • Quick and easy maintenance

Tips for use:

  1. Wear nitrile gloves
  2. Apply to a clean, dry anti-scratch microfiber
  3. Pass the microfiber over the water traces by applying a slight pressure
  4. Flip the microfibre for finishing