Kamikaze Silica Scale Remover 100ml

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Kamikaze Silica Scale Remover 100ml

In stock
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Kamikaze Collection Silica Scale Remover is a very powerful product that removes limestone stains and other water stains (water spot remover / mineral remover) on varnishes.

Water traces are caused by impurities in rainwater or running water (tap water).

If you do not remove them, mineral residues such as limestone will gradually enter the varnish when the varnish expands and retracts.

If this happens, a polisher should be used to remove these marks.

Kamikaze Collection Silica Scale Remover is a concentrated solution designed to eliminate stubborn limestone stains without damaging the varnish or ceramic layers Kamikaze Collection already present on the vehicle.

Features and benefits:

  • Very concentrated and easy to use
  • Ideal for removing traces of water and even ancient limestone
  • Safe on varnishes protected or not protected by ceramic treatment
  • Does not alter ceramic treatments

Tips for use:

  1. Wear protective gloves
  2. Shake the bottle
  3. Apply to a clean, dry microfiber
  4. Wipe with a slight pressure with another clean, dry microfiber
  5. Flip the microfiber and wipe with an unused face

Good to know:

Traces of ancient limestone that are deeply rooted in the varnish will require the use of a polisher and a polish.

This product can be used on windows (except windshield) but with quick application on a small surface and passing a microfibre moistened with demineralized water immediately after application to stop any action of the product.