Kamikaze Over Coat 300ml

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Kamikaze Over Coat 300ml

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Kamikaze Collection Over Coat is a hydrophobic protection.

It is ideal for maintaining vehicles protected by ceramic treatment such as the ISM or Miyabe and thus rebooting the hydrophobic effect for a period of about 3 months.

This version 3 of the Over Coat (a composition based on water, resin and siloxane) introduces a brand new formulation that allows you to go even further in the waterproofing properties while leaving a smoother and softer finish.

Visual rendering is also improved with more shine and depth (especially on dark shades).

Finally, minor imperfections will be masked.

Depending on everyone's preferences, the Over Coat from Kamikaze Collection can be applied to dry or wet vehicles.

Although designed to be applied to a body protected by ceramics, there is no contraindication to use the Over Coat on windows, plastics, rims...

Technical specifications:

  • Water-based formulation (VOC-free)
  • Does not contain wax, polymers or PTFE.
  • Composition: hard resin - water-based siloxane
  • Water angle contact: 110 degrees
  • Sustainability: about 3 months
  • pH tolerance: 2-11
  • Consumption: 100ml - 5 to 10 vehicles depending on size.
  • (UPGRADED VERSION 4.0 2022 VER.) Available