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GYEON Q² View Windshield Coating 20ml

In stock

GYEON Q² View Windshield Coating 20ml

In stock
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Gyeon Q2 View is an extremely durable and hydrophobic nanotechnology-based treatment of SiO2.

Its highly durable formula will allow hydrophobic protection of every moment for the driver, including in severe climatic conditions.

There are currently several hydrophobic treatment on the market that can be all as effective, but the Gyeon Q2 View will make a distinct difference on durability compared to its competitors as long as the surface is well prepared beforehand.

So you can expect up to 12months of protection on the windshield and up to 36 months on the side windows. In addition, Gyeon Q2 View significantly reduces the noise of windshield wipers during sweeps.

More than a comfort, this product is really an added safety element during recurrent rain conditions.

Kit Contents

-1x Q2 Repel 20ml
-1x Q2 Cleanse 20ml
-1x applicator Block
-4x Microfibre Suede
-1x Instruction Manual

-Durability: > 12 months/20k km
-Resistant to alcohol: Yes
-Minimum Speed: 50km/h
-PH Tolerance: 2-11
-Consumption: 20ml/car

Hazard statements
Flammable liquid and vapors.
Can be lethal in the case of ingestion and entry into the airways.
Can cause skin burns and severe eye damage.
can cause severe eye irritation.