GYEON Q² Tire SiO2 Dressing 400ml

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GYEON Q² Tire SiO2 Dressing 400ml

In stock
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Q2 Tire is a SiO2-based nanotechnology product that efficiently feeds tires and other rubbery materials. The rendering will be satin, with no greasy effect, for a very natural appearance thanks to its composition.

Unlike traditional tire dressings that are usually oil-based to beautify the surface, Gyeon Q2 Tire penetrates into the pores of the rubber. 

The advantage? A simple wash does not remove the protection of the Q2 tire, and you will keep beautiful tires for several weeks. The surface becomes completely hydrophobic and is protected against external contamination (cracking, yellowing, hardening).

Possibility to add several layers for more protection. Only 10-15ml to protect 4 tires.

-Durability: > to 5 washes

Instructions and Precautions
How to use
1. Properly degrease the surface with a pad or degreaser
2. Place a few drops on a foam applicator
3. Apply a thin layer in a uniform manner
4. Wipe using a dedicated microfiber

Waxit Auto Spa advises you that you can dry the product with a hairdryer or a HeatGun for a better grip.

Hazard statements
Can be lethal in the case of ingestion and entry into the airways.