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GYEON Q² PURE 50ml Light Box (NONE EVO)

In stock

GYEON Q² PURE 50ml Light Box (NONE EVO)

In stock
Product not available for online purchase

Gyeon Q2 Pure is the worthy substitute of the Q ² Prime (discontinued product) in advanced version it has been designed for lovers of detailing wanting an efficient and very easy to use product, offering a very brilliant rendering.

Based on nanotechnology and composed of Si02 (silicon dioxide), this treatment requires little knowledge in the field of application of ceramic treatments and will be as easy to apply as a wax to the Carnauba!

The Gyeon Q2 Pure 50ml is resistant to chemical agents with a Ph between 2-11, will offer a disconcerting ease when applied. In addition to offering important hydrophobic protection, it also has a "self-cleaning" capacity, thus allowing the interval between two washes to be pushed back.

Q2 Pure promises a durability of 18months/30Kkms with a hydrophobic effect well present. Of course, the treatment will require proper maintenance, with regular manual washing, especially with the Q2 bathe + to ensure maximum durability.

Finally, a positive point for lovers of the "Carnauba rendering", the Pure Q2 has been developed to bring both the depth and brightness of natural waxes while offering the durability of quartz-based treatments.

Contents of this kit
-Q2 Pure 50ml
-The Application Manual

-Durability: > 18 months or 30k km
-Thickness: 0.2-0, 5QM
-PH Tolerance: 2-11
-Consumption: 30ml/car (except 4x4 or large sedan).

Instructions and Précautions
1 Well degrease the surface using a Cleaner (Prep, Gyeon for example)
2. Wrap a suede around the applicator and apply a few drops of Pure Q2
3. Apply in straight movements and make cross-passes
4. Wait 3-4 minutes and then wipe several times (work area by area 2pieds X 2pieds)

Hazard statements
Flammable liquids and vapors
Can be lethal in the case of ingestion and entry into the airways
can cause skin irritation.
can cause a skin allergic reaction
can cause severe eye irritation

* * We recommend wearing gloves and a protective mask * *