GYEON Q² Primer 1L

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GYEON Q² Primer 1L

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The GYEON Q² Primer is an ultra-thin polish and a primer for ceramic protection.

It aims to perfect the finish to a polishing or not on the most difficult paints to work to considerably reduce the risk of scratches during the final wiping, before the installation of the ceramic or any protection.

The Q² Primer leaves a perfectly smooth and shiny surface, ready to receive the protections of the Q² range to the other brand.

Ceramic protection can be applied directly after the Primer but it must be allowed to dry 24h. Otherwise you can directly remove it after 15min using the Q² Prep.


Security Mentions:

Danger to health

Hazard statementsCan be fatal if swallowed and entered into the respiratory tract.

Causes skin irritation.Causes severe skin irritation.May irritate the respiratory tract.