GYEON Q²M WaterSpot 500ml

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GYEON Q²M WaterSpot 500ml

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It is possible to discover some traces of encrusted water after the passage of a ceramic treatment during the first rains. The Gyeon Water Spot is the remedy against these traces normally very difficult to remove. It also works on traces of water related to washing in the sun.

The Gyeon Q2M Water Spot is an innovative product that keeps ceramic coatings free of water stains for the first few weeks, especially in bad weather conditions.

Its particularity and characteristics are not to damage or affect the protective layer. Its formula also allows it a sufficient lubrication not to scratch the surface. It is also economical thanks to its fat formula which allows to spread it with ease.

It is also particularly effective for removing traces of limestone. This product should be applied to a clean surface. Spray liberally, let stand a few minutes and wipe.


- Safe for the bodywork: Yes

- PH Neutral: No

- Wax Safe: For ceramics yes, for the rest not

- Consumption: 15ml / panel

Instructions and Precautions


1. Clean and dry the vehicle beforehand.

2. Spray directly on the body or microfibre and clean the area affected by water stains.

3. Leave on for a few minutes and wipe the treated area.

Hazard statements

Harmful if swallowed

Harmful in contact with skin

Harmful by inhalation

Risk of serious damage to organs