GYEON Q²M Vinyl Cleaner 500ml

Coming back soon

GYEON Q²M Vinyl Cleaner 500ml

Coming back soon
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GYEON Q²M Vinyl Cleaner is a maintenance product designed for regular use.

It does not discolour or damage interior trim (dashboards, door panels, gaskets, etc.).

The Q²M Vinyl Cleaner removes dust and dirt in an instant and prepares the surface for use with GYEON Q²M Preserve.

The Q²M Vinyl Cleaner does not leave residue and has anti-static properties, making it an excellent product for controlling the interior of your car.

How to:

- Apply a thin layer on the surface to be cleaned or directly on a short microfibre.

- Work by element with a soft brush or a microfiber.

- With a clean microfiber, dry to remove the remaining product.

Security Mentions:

Keep out of reach of children.