GYEON Q²M Tar 500ml

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GYEON Q²M Tar 500ml

In stock
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The Gyeon Q2M Tar is neutral PH, eliminating not only tar points but also organic residues such as SAP or resin.
Vehicles usually receive large amounts of tar and high contamination during daily use. The  Q2M TAR allows to dissolve these residues effortlessly. It is further, completely neutral and can be used on all surfaces of the vehicle without any danger.
Does not affect ceramic treatments.

-Neutral PH: Yes

Instructions and Precautions
How to use
1. Wash your vehicle and rinse thoroughly
2. Generously spray the Tar
3. Wait about 3 minutes
4. Wipe with a wet microfiber

-Do not allow the product to dry.
-Do not apply in direct sunlight and/or on hot surfaces.
-Do not use on damaged rims where there is a lack of varnish.

Hazard statements
Can be lethal in the case of ingestion and entry into the airways.
can cause a skin allergic reaction.
Harmful to aquatic organisms, causes long-term adverse effects.