GYEON Q²M Preserve 250ml

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GYEON Q²M Preserve 250ml

In stock
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Gyeon Q2M Preserve 250ml is a simple and effective product for the restoration and protection of bland and discoloured plastics. This product is also used to protect new plastics.

Gyeon Q2M Preserve contains anti-static properties that repel dust and dirt for a long time (durability 3 months). It also combines protection against UVs rays.

<50ml of Q2M Preserve are generally sufficient to treat an entire vehicle. Once the treatment Gyeon applied, the surface remains dull as it was originally: the protection is totally invisible.

Instructions and Precautions
How to use
1. Clean plastics

2. Apply a moderate amount of the product evenly to the surface

3. Wipe with a microfiber after a few minutes.

-Durability: up to 3 months
-PH Level: Neutral