GYEON Q²M PPF Renew 120ml

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GYEON Q²M PPF Renew 120ml

In stock
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Q2M PPF renew (paint protection film renew) is a product that will allow you to revive and maintain your protective films in glossy or transparent vinyl.

A unique product of its kind currently, Q2M PPF renew will be able to Polish very lightly the films and detoxify them at the same time while leaving a thin layer of protection based on SiO2.

Once applied to the film, Q2M PPF renew will help to facilitate future cleanings thanks to the protection applied, thus avoiding contaminating the substrate again too quickly.

In addition, the surface left will be perfectly smooth and silky to the touch.

Can be processed manually or mechanically on an eccentric machine. Suitable for any type of glossy film, as well as modern self-healing films.


always make sure that the film does not heat too much. Apply Q2M PPF renew therefore always by hand or with an eccentric machine with a low to medium setting (3-4).

Consumption: 60ml per car.

Durability: up to 8 months.