GYEON Q²M Leather Cleaner Strong 1L

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GYEON Q²M Leather Cleaner Strong 1L

In stock
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Q2M Leather Cleaner Strong is an efficient and easy to use leather cleaner. Developed to be fully compatible with the Q2 LeatherCoat, it is the ideal cleaner for the preparation of a leather protection.

Q2M Leather Cleaner Strong removes dirt, residues and slight discoloration. Unlike many leather cleansers, this one does not contain a softening or preservative additive. It leaves a completely clean surface for the application of a coating.

The advantage of the Q2M leather Cleaner Strong lies in the fact that it does not remove the previous protections applied on the leather during a slight cleaning.

1L bottle with sprayer.

Instructions and Precautions
How to use
1. In case of slight contamination, directly spray the Q2 Leather Cleaner strong on a microfiber and apply to the surface to be treated.

2. For well-contaminated leathers spray directly on the surface and agitate using a leather brush. Then wipe gently with a clean microfiber.

-Neutral PH: Yes