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The Gyeon Q2M Foam is a prewash product used to form a foam on the bodywork for the purpose of cleaning up and removing as much dirt as possible without the slightest action on the vehicle.

Q2M Foam is a product to use in Foam Lance for an effective pre-wash. The foam will gently remove encrusted contaminants to allow cleaning sufficiently advanced to eliminate the risk of creating defects during manual washing.

With the appropriate dilution, the foam formed is of no danger to all the exterior surfaces of the vehicle. Unlike the usual detergents Gyeon Q2M Foam is not at risk for ceramic treatments and will not deteriorate the properties of these. When used on a treated vehicle, the surface will be cleaned and without any trace.

(Container may vary)

- Wax Safe: Yes
- Consumption: 200ml / car

Instructions and Precautions
Dilution: 1:5

Allow the foam to work for 4-5 minutes before rinsing.

Hazard statements

May cause skin irritation.
May cause severe eye irritation.