GYEON Q²M Cure 100ml

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GYEON Q²M Cure 100ml

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Gyeon Q2M Cure is a hydrophobic maintenance coating for SiO2 ceramic treatments. It can also be laid alone and its estimated durability is 2 months.

The big plus of this product is the ability to extend up to 90% the hydrophobic effect of a ceramic treatment placed on a body. It will also enhance the brilliance of the existing protection as well as the anti-static effect.

Finally, another possible application: directly after the application of a Gyeon ceramic protection treatment (Prime, MOHS ...) to avoid possible streaking if the vehicle was exposed to water within 24 hours. follow the application of the treatment.

Gyeon Q2M Cure can be used on almost all surfaces except glazed surfaces.


- Durability: greater than 6 weeks

-% SiO2 (ceramic): greater than 5%

- PH Tolerance: 4-9

- Consumption: 30ml per car