GYEON Q²M Bathe 400ml

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GYEON Q²M Bathe 400ml

Coming back soon
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Gyeon Q2M Bathe is the maintenance shampoo for any vehicle that has been treated with Gyeon brand protection (or other). The rendering of this product is neutral, without brilliance or addition of additional protection.

Its role is to simply clean the vehicle safely without leaving a trace while respecting the treatment initially applied. With lubricating agents, it will minimize the risk of micro-scratches (wash-marring).

90% of the deffect (wash-marring) are caused by a bad washing technique or shampoos that are not lubricated enough. The 2 buckets method, combined with a high quality glove and a highly lubricated shampoo will ensure a flawless result.

Finally, the dilution of Q2M Bathe is among the highest on the market (500: 1) makes it a very economical product. Available in 400ml or 1l.

PH Level: 6
Concentration: 1/500
Consumption: 15-20ml / wash

Instructions and Precautions

Waxit Auto Spa recommends a dilution of 10 to 20ml of Q2M Bathe+for Bucket of water.

Hazard statements
can cause skin irritation.
can cause severe eye irritation.