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Gyeon Q2M Bathe+ is a neutral PH shampoo containing silicon dioxide (SiO2-ceramic). The washing of the vehicle becomes a simple formality thanks to the hydrophobic agents that will repel the water easily, leaving a smooth surface allowing also to space the frequencies between two washes.

Gyeon Q2M Bathe+ will also allow you to reboost your previously affixed ceramic treatment with the SiO2 it contains.

90% of the defects (wash-marring) are caused by improper washing technique or not sufficiently lubricated shampoos. The 2 buckets method, combined with a high quality glove and a highly lubricated shampoo, will ensure a flawless result.

Like the Gyeon Q2M bathe, this shampoo is very easy to rinse without leaving a trace. Probably one of the best products in the GYEON range! Available in 400mL or 1l. (Coming soon)

-Durability: up to 8 weeks
-% SiO2 (ceramic): < 5%
-PH Level: 6

**The colour of the product can vary without affecting the effectiveness of the protection!

Waxit Auto Spa recommends a dilution of 10 to 20ml of Q2M Bathe+ for Bucket of water.

Hazard statements
can cause skin irritation.
can cause severe eye irritation.