Elite - Car Wash Sponge Hyper Soft

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Elite - Car Wash Sponge Hyper Soft

In stock
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**Available in Limited Quantity**

Elite Car Wash Sponge from Esoteric

The Best Wash Sponge for the Most Delicate Paints

The more you touch the surface of your car, the better the chances are that you will mar the finish. And over time, this marring will result in unsightly swirls that take away from the looks of your car's finish.

We feel your pain, which is why we went through such great lengths to find the softest sponge material available that is safe to use even on the softest, black cars.

We Searched the Ends of the Earth, So You Don't Have To!

For months we used the washing sponge from ESOTERIC car care, and it was so ridiculously soft and fluffy that it won handily entered our shop (LIMITED QUANTITY)! Finally, a sense of peace is once again building on car enthusiasts all over the world...

After scouring all corners of the earth, we were elated to find just the right sponge that was capable of bathing our customers' pride and joys with the ultimate in plush, soapy goodness! Finally, a sense of peace once again settles upon auto enthusiasts everywhere...

Since these sponges are made of pure unobtanium, we don't know how long they will be available. So do the right thing, and place your order now!