DIY Detail Fine Clay Towel

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DIY Detail Fine Clay Towel

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DIY Details' Fine Grade Clay Towel safely removes medium to heavy, above-surface, bonded contaminants. These include: tree sap, water spots, paint overspray, bugs, road debris, and industrial fallout. Measuring 12" x 12", this microfiber flexible edge allows the synthetic clay to effortlessly comply with all the vehicle's body contours.

Use this Fine Grade Clay Towel during the wash process or during a standard decontamination process. Unlike clay bars, synthetic clay towels allow you to rinse off contaminants after using providing you with a product that will last. 


**Use on cool surface and out of direct sunlight. Make sure you are using a clay lubricant on the surface to avoid clay transfer to vehicle**

  • Wash Process:
    • Remove all loose dirt and debris from the vehicle. 
    • Spray a clay lubricant on the clay towel & over the entire vehicle, focusing on one panel at a time.
    • To avoid cross-contamination, start at the top of the area you are working with then move to the bottom. 
    • Make sure your clay towel stays lubricated as you continue working on the vehicle. Once you have finished every panel, your vehicle is properly decontaminated. 
  • Standard Decontamination Process: 
    • Wash and rinse vehicles surface to remove loose dirt and debris. 
    • Perform your decontamination panel by panel with the clay towel. 
    • Making sure you thoroughly coat the panels surface with a clay lubricant. 
    • With the lubricated clay towel & surface, start rubbing the clay towel over the panel you are treating until it glides smoothly. 
    • Using a clean microfiber towel, wipe off all remaining clay lubricant and dry the decontaminated panel before moving onto the next. 

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