DIY 3 year graphene coating

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DIY 3 year graphene coating

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DIY Detail 3 year ceramic coating. The DIY Detail 3 year ceramic coating is a unique blend of Silicon Dioxide (Si02), Silicon Nitride(SiN), Polysilazane, and Graphene Oxide. Our easy to apply 3 year coating will give you years of gloss, hydrophobics and ease of maintenance. 30ml bottle.

How To Apply:

- Start with a clean and dry surface.
- Wipe down with DIY Detail panel prep.
- Wearing gloves, in a well-ventilated area, apply several drops to the applicator pad.
- working in a circular motion apply the DIY Detail Ceramic Coating to a small area ( a front fender for example).
- Allow to dwell 2-5 minutes ( dwell time is dependent on temperature and humidity).
- Observe the surface, as the coating begins to cross-link to the paint, the coating will transition from a liquid to what looks like an oil slick on water.
- When 50% of the surface turns back to clear, start leveling the coating.
-  With a short nap towel, lightly wipe the surface, if the towel is dragging, or is getting wet, wait 1 min more.
- Once the coating is leveled, use a plush towel to buff and remove high spots.