APS PRO Micro pad Ø20mm

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APS PRO Micro pad Ø20mm

In stock
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The Blue-colored APS Pro polishing sponge is ideal for processing mild polishing and harsh paint cleaners for the quick correction of paint defects.

Our APS Pro Micro polishing machine pads are made of a very high quality "Made in Germany" foam and are therefore suitable for professional use in machine paint care.

The open-cell foam structure of the polishing sponge enables the removed paint particles to be transported quickly into the inside of the pad, increases the efficiency of the polishing pad through a macroscopic peel effect and supports the removal and even distribution of the heat generated away from the paint surface.

The reduced height of 10mm prevents the foam from twisting at high rotation speeds and thus guarantees a constant contact surface and optimal polishing results.

  • Diameter: Ø20mm
  • Pad height / thickness: 10mm
  • Velcro diameter: Ø20mm (ideal for Ø15mm backing pad)
  • Color: Blue