APS PRO Micro Backing plate Ø15MM

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APS PRO Micro Backing plate Ø15MM

In stock
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APS Pro Micro Backing Plate is a micro Velcro plate with a diameter of 15mm for holding polishing pads with a diameter of 15mm-20mm. The Micro Backing Plate has a micro-Velcro mounting layer , which ensures a wobble-proof Velcro connection, especially with smaller contact areas .

APS Pro Micro Backing Plate has a Ø3mm fastening pin and is therefore suitable for mounting on our extension adapters for mini polishing machines or on APS Pro flexible shaft or other flexible shafts with compatible holders. Polishing with this size will handle micro polishing!

  • APS Pro Backing Plate is a stable Ø15mm backing plate with a Ø3mm metal pin for holding the flexible shaft - allows the use of Ø20mm mini-pads.
  • ideal for spot polishing with extension adapters
  • Height of the support plate: 11mm
  • Velcro diameter: Ø15mm
  • Velcro type: Micro Velcro
  • Total height: approx 40mm
  • Also available in Ø25mm variant (soon)