Test Optimum No Rinse (ONR)

Published on 16/10/2022

After watching several videos on YouTube and other online video sites.

Today, we tested Optimum No rinse Wash-Shine. At first glance, we were skeptical about a wash without rinsing the following tests will give us more information.

First test: Remove fine dirt after rain

Before washing the roof.

After washing with only one ONR pass.

Here's a 50/50 on the hood.

We then attacked on the passenger side.

Again a very nice result, Now You wonder if minor scratches have been created:

And NO!! With a gentle washing technique washing at onR this does wonders. Also, if the dirt on your vehicle is too great, it is possible to pre rinse your vehicle before washing with ONR.

Note: We used the dilution recommended by Optimum be: 1:256 (be 4 caps in a 4 gallon seal of water) with a microfiber washing gloves. 

Ultimate test

We have been trying for you to remove insects and bird droppings stuck for about 5 days on the front bumper and hood. After several attempts, ONR is not the best performer on insects 

BUT we are very surprised about the bird drop removal! ONR easily able to take them off the surface and even encapsulate them in the solution and expelled them out of the paints.

Currently available in small quantities (32oz) https://www.waxitautospa.com/fr/produit/optimum-no-rinse-wash-shine-32oz

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